ideas side business
ideas side business

Think to start a side business while you’re working on a company?

Side business may give you extra money besides your monthly salary from company. If you choose the right business, you will have your own loyal customer while keeping your day job. Then you’ll be able to build your side business become your major business.

There are 3 kinds of side business you might want to try.

Make products

business idea make products

You can make anything to get money from selling them. If you have skills in cooking, sell your own signature foods. Or if you’re good at marketing, you can be a drop shipper or reseller. You don’t have to make products to sell, but you have to sell someone else’s products.



If you have skill in writing, developing website/apps, designing, social media management, or another digital skill, start being a freelancer now. You can search jobs online and don’t forget to put your best portfolio. Or you can inform your past co-workers or bosses that now you can do freelance work.

Blogging and vlogging

blogging and vlogging

Blog and vlog have their own market. If you have leisure time on your weekend, you can start blogging or vlogging. Start writing a niche topic that close to daily issue, or start record a travel video if you want targeting travel enthusiast. From those activities, you can monetize them and get money to make more content. Keep in your mind that you have to make positive content to “teach” people to do good things on their life.

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